Your world has changed.

You might be facing an acute medical crisis or
have a chronic condition...
You don't have to.

Executive Health Navigation with Dr. Dooreck

Concierge-Level Patient Advocacy

Accessibility ➕ Navigation ➕ Advocacy
Proven effective. Proven results.

"Your health is not always your decision. How you handle it is."


Now, more than ever. You need guidance. You need support. You need help navigating a challenging situation in the healthcare system.

Gain access to the best doctors in the world for you now.
Get a treatment plan that is from the world's top doctors.
Know that you are receiving the best care for yourself now.


I can help you.

Here. Now.

Serving the USA and Internationally.

"I am scared or overwhelmed with a new diagnosis and want guidance"

"I am frustrated in dealing with a chronic medical condition alone"

"I am looking for someone to guide and advocate for my routine care"

"How come I never knew of this a few years ago when I had to care for my dad. Now I had the medical issues to deal with—and no one was helping me. My doctors tried, but it was going nowhere. Referrals and more doctors. Nothing worked. Found you on LinkedIn and my life changed in a few months.
I am forever grateful."
— Atherton, California

We will organize your history in a format the way the doctor needs to see it. The way the doctor wants to see it.


We will review what has been done. Whom have you seen?

Who is the best specialist?


We are going to find the best options for you quicker, faster, easier—saving you precious time and money.

We will make a plan with clear expectations. One with obtainable results and an effective strategy.


We will prepare you for your doctor's appointment. For an effective visit with an elevated patient "status" to receive the best care you deserve.


You will have a plan going into that appointment and I will make sure your questions are answered—for you.


We will navigate through this together.

Me as your coach. Us as a team.

Healthcare navigation and concierge-level advocacy when you need it most.
Unmatched accessibility. Unparalleled support. Essential navigation.
By application only
Are you also needing concierge-level advocacy dealing with your medical insurance company and those massive denied bills? We can help you. 
Are you also choosing concierge-level advocacy dealing with your routine healthcare, month to month, and as needed? Ask about ongoing access.  
I am looking for help and guidance now from Dr. Dooreck.
Dr. Brian Dooreck

Executive Health Navigation with Dr. Dooreck | Concierge-Level Patient Advocacy | Healthcare navigation and advocacy when you need it most | Executive Health Coaching

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