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Holding Hands

Private Healthcare Navigation and Patient Advocacy when YOU need it most

Unmatched accessibility. Unparalleled support. Essential navigation.

We get people to the best doctors for their problems more quickly, easily, and effectively. 

We have seen it a thousand times before—and have found a solution.


With privacy and discretion, we bring you broad academic backgrounds and decades of combined clinical practice for you and your families.

Serving select Family Offices, Private Individuals, Registered Investment Advisors,

High-Net-Worth Advisors, and C-Suites for over a decade.

Navigating healthcare since 1998.

Created and powered by doctors—for you. 

You are not alone.

Doctor and Patient

Who We Are

Today things are changing—rapidly.

In today’s world, if you do not know how to navigate the healthcare system and get to the best doctors to achieve the best outcome for your problem more quickly, easily, and effectively, you are wasting time and resources you may not have.​

Gain access now to the best doctors in the world for your situation. Get a treatment plan from the world's top physicians. Know that you are receiving the best care for your clients, yourself, or your family today.

Green Hills

What is Private Healthcare Navigation?

Executive Health Navigation is a specialized service that provides private healthcare navigation and patient advocacy. It's designed to help individuals, especially those in high-net-worth families or with complex healthcare needs, to navigate the healthcare system more effectively. This high-touch, doctor-facing service ensures privacy, discretion, and access to the best medical care by understanding how to quickly and efficiently get to the right doctors for specific health issues.

Your health is not always your decision.

How you handle it is.

We will find the best options for you more quickly, easily, and effectively—

saving you precious time and resources.

We believe in navigating the healthcare system at the highest level with privacy and discretion, access, complete transparency, and effective communication—focused on results.

We have been called "medical Sherpas" and "healthcare problem solvers."


This is what we do.

What defines us? Value. What drives us? Purpose. 


Who We Serve

Serving select Family Offices, Private Individuals, Registered Investment Advisors, High-Net-Worth Advisors, and C-Suites for over a decade.  

"I am scared with a new diagnosis, need and want some guidance."

"I am frustrated in dealing with a chronic medical condition alone."

"I am looking for someone to guide and advocate for my routine care."

Global Access

  • We find—and work with—the best doctors for your condition.

  • For your issue. For your needs. For you—personally—and your family.

  • We are your guide—and we are a team.

  • We are a team of highly trained, experienced experts with a solution to a very challenging problem. 

  • These are some of the leading institutions we have assisted others with and have access to—for you. 

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Mountain Landscape

What We Do

We see it every day. People like you struggle to navigate a very complex healthcare system.

They are often frustrated, lost, and confused in the maze of poor doctor-patient communication, finding it difficult to navigate alone, much less understand with confidence the advice they may receive.


We help individuals navigate the healthcare system, providing preparation and support when it is needed most.

We get you to the best doctors for your problem more quickly, easily, and effectively.

Doctor's Desk

Real People When Life Happens

"I was lost and suffering. I felt helpless and that no one heard me until you did. Your help was priceless emotionally, physically, and mentally. I finally have my life back. Thank you. I wish found you sooner."

— Scarsdale, New York

Home Nurse Making Bed

When life happens. When nothing matters more.


deaths each year from misdiagnoses


of patients with serious conditions are first misdiagnosed


diagnostic errors annually

1 in 20

cases are misdiagnosed each year

There are solutions with guidance and navigation from experts.

That is what we do with privacy and discretion.

Private healthcare navigation and patient advocacy when you need it most.


USA and Internationally


Dubai (GCC)

London and Zürich (EUR)
Hong Kong (ASIA)

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