What is a Patient Advocate? | ما هي خدمة دعم المرضى؟

A guide. A navigator. A "healthcare problem solver." Essentially a medical “Sherpa” to guide you through a very broken and complex healthcare system.

What is a Patient or Health Navigator? | من هو المريض أو الملَّاح الصحي؟

A patient navigator helps patients communicate with their healthcare providers so they get the information they need to make decisions about their healthcare. This is at a level beyond that for those we work with. Getting you to the best doctors for your problem “quicker, faster, better, easier” is only one aspect of this.

Is what you do—and what I share with you—confidential and private? | هل ما تفعله—أو ما أشاركه معك—سري وخاص؟

Yes. Fully confidential and private. With discretion and the level of privacy you would experct. Without question. Without concern.

How can I work with you? | كيف يمكنني العمل معك؟

What I do in this space. The level I do it. It’s not something I share with everyone. Nor is it something I can offer to everyone. Let's start by confidentially connecting. إن طريقة القيام بعملي معك والمستوى الذي أقدمه لك ليست من الأشياء التي أشاركها مع الجميع. كما أنها ليست شيئًا يمكنني تقديمه للكل. لنبدأ بالاتصال بسرية.

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